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HardHeroes: The Movie

Here it is - the most anticipated, the most involved, the most ambitious Can-Am video ever! After five years in development, the Stud Squad is ready to save the world. And after one look at these handsome heroes, you'll want to be saved, too. Are those guns in their pockets? Definitely not! Your comic book fantasies are about to come to life. In HARD HEROES, the fate of good super heroes everywhere is jeopardized by the evil and mysterious Die Hard. With his secret mind control serum, he can turn super men into super submissive robots of destruction. And with his DNA Cloning technology, he can copy the super powers of any super hero into his own DNA. Only scientific genius and master mogul Bruno Payne is aware of Die Hard's plan. Payne knows Die Hard must be stopped before he becomes the most powerful man in the universe and turns the world into his personal playground. Where does Payne turn for help? The Stud Squad, of course! Because when evil knocks, the Stud Squad answers. But when the fearless Stud Squad comes to meet Payne in his secret lab, little do they know that Die Hard is already tracking them. Soon the lab is ambushed. But before Die Hard gets the Stud Squad's DNA, he wants to subject their spandex wrapped tight muscular bodies to lots of brutal punishment, inventive bondage and devious traps. Stud Squad leader Omega falls prey to the bondage rack where he is sucked and jerked off to an explosive climax. Speed Demon is slimed and fucked into submission. Edge is beaten then encased in the ingenious vacuum rack. Both are turned into robots by Die Hard's mind control serum administered on a butt plug! When Razor comes to the rescue, an all-out fight begins before Thunder and Lightning burst onto the scene. Will evil prevail, or is the Stud Squad stronger and smarter than Die Hard imagined? And what of Die Hard's cloning chamber? You will have a good time finding out and we guarantee this video is unlike anything you have ever seen!



FULL CAST LIST: Brad Taylor, Cody Cruze, Emmett Andrews, Gage Michaels, Jack Simmons, Mason Flynt, Max Grand, Steve Shannon
STUDIO: HardHeroes
DIRECTOR: Matt Thomas
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Bondage Wrestling
Mat Wrestling
Muscle Bondage
Nude Wrestling
SuperHeroes vs Villains