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Lords Of The Lockerroom

Ever since Can-Am introduced you to Muscle God Billy Herrington in Worship, the e-mails have been pouring in to Boss Sexton with one resounding question: When are you going to put Billy up against Mark Wolff? Well your prayers have been answered! We finally managed to coordinate Billy and Mark`s busy appearance schedules and get them in L.A. at the same time. The result is one of the most visually stunning Can-Am productions yet. Beautiful bodies, beautifully shot on Can-Am`s huge new lockerroom and shower set. We join the action with wiry young newcomer Nick Steel ogling Billy as he showers. You know Billy loves the attention but he keeps up appearances by challenging Nick to a match. You`ll be surprised at Nick`s skill and agility on the mat. His speed enables him to surprise Billy with more than one ball-breaking move. Of course he is simply no match for Billy`s brute strength and must finally submit to Billy`s thick dick. But we think you`ll notice the big smile on Nick`s face while his tight little ass gets victory-fucked into tomorrow! Next up, leather master Van Darkholme obviously has no problem showing off his awesome body in full gear wherever he goes - even the gym. When Mark Wolff mocks his appearance he challenges Wolff to a fight so they can see who`s the real top. This one could go either way as Darkholme - in his first video - clearly has the skills to go on to wrestling stardom. But experience counts and Wolff takes him down, leaving Darkholme to release his tension in the shower by blowing a hot load. With the pretenders-to-the-throne vanquished, there can be only one true Lord of the Lockerroom. It`s time for Billy and Mark to square-off and the two bodybuilders give it all they have. They lose their suits midway through round one, and it becomes an ass slapping, ball grabbing, nipple pinching spectacular - with all the great holds and moves you expect. Billy takes round one, forcing Mark to jerk off. Then he challenges Mark to a loser-gets-fucked second round - and, amazingly, Mark accepts! With their virgin asses on the line, can you imagine the action? Is it possible one could get fucked? Find out!



FULL CAST LIST: Billy Herrington aka Billy Marcus, Mark Wolff, Nick Steel, Van Darkholme
STUDIO: Can-Am / Mark Wolff Co-Pro
DIRECTOR: Matt Thomas
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Mat Wrestling
Nude Wrestling
Sex Wrestling