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Good vs Evil

Dark Lord and Max Ryder

In this comic book battle, we see Boss Sexton’s top villain, the dastardly Dark Lord against our rookie superhero, Max Ryder!

We join this battle already in progress: Dark Lord is furious with Max for leaving his clan of darkness and joining the good guys! Max has been sent on a mission to arrest the Dark one, and as sweet but simple Max usually does, he reveals the plan right away, giving Dark Lord the opportunity to attack and prove that Max’s attempt to get revenge was all for not!

He shoots out his arms and wraps his evil hands around Max’s throat, promising to choke the life out of him! He tosses him to the ground and begins to stretch him out in a vicious camel clutch and a nasty neck crank. The Dark Lord pleads with Max to come back to the Darkness, but Max steadfastly refuses!

The former partners engage in a test of strength, and Dark Lord wins with his own personal knowledge of every pressure point, every muscle and weakness on Max’s muscle boy body!

Max tries to escape, but the evil Villain has a surprise for him, his magic spankinator! He turns Max over and we get a look at what the Dark Lord really wants, Max’s beautiful bubble butt! He has yanks the Rookie’s silver trunks up his beautiful ass. Then, to add insult to serious injury, he seductively and destructively spanks the rookie, over and over, using that beautiful butt for his own enjoyment! You’ll spank it to this scene too!)

The Dark Lord brings out his next weapon, his mind control prism! He breaks through the young heroes simple mind and Max is immediately under his control! He begins to play with his new toy, forcing him into a humiliating routine, making him do a sexy work out for his own evil enjoyment! The Dark Lord can’t keep his hands off Max, worshipping his young muscles and bulge, eventually punishing his patient with a vicious low blow!

Each time the Dark Lord traps his former protege in a humiliating hold, he lets Max out of his control, so that Max can feel every second of his torture, leaving him screaming for mercy from his tormentor!

What diabolical plans for Max does Dark Lord have in store for his ex-sidekick? (Hint: it involves a thong and booty shake)! We’ve seen how evil this villain can be, and with Max being such a rookie, I don’t know if we will ever see him again!



FULL CAST LIST: Dimitri Darkthorn, Max Ryder
STUDIO: HardHeroes
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Mat Wrestling
SuperHeroes vs Villains