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Dr Evil's Ropes & Nets

Being a Superhero is hard work. You have to be strong, brave and have brains! Well, I don’t think anyone told Max Ryder about that last part.

Our brave (but dumb) hero fearlessly jumps into Dr. Evil’s lair, and declares him a “Friend”.

Oh, the cute muscle pup, so beautiful to look at in his skimpy red speedos, he has no idea what danger he has brought upon himself. For you see, Dr. Evil is a master of humiliation! (Of course his, when he’s played by Gabe Steel, a wrestler who’s hard-on can’t be tamed when handing out his many beatdowns.)

Hearing Max call him a “friend” ignites Dr. Evil’s rage, and he gives the rookie hero a low blow to the balls that could be heard around the world! From that point on, the degrading domination goes from zero to one hundred!

The Doc methodically tortures the rookie hero, stretching him to the limit, showcasing every beautiful muscle as Max screams in pain! He pays extra special attention to the hero’s big bulge (which is practically busting out of his trunks), grabbing, twisting, punching, kneeing, clawing and bashing the poor young hero, who’s yelling and pleading only make the situation that much hotter!

But, Dr. Evil has even more dirty domination in store for Max. He grabs his favorite weapon: ropes! He hogties his little boy and puts him on full display. He drags Max around the lair, completely demeaning him, breaking the rookie down, muscle by muscle.

Max tries to make a comeback, but, it is to no avail. He made a giant rookie mistake thinking that the Doc was supposed to be nice, and he pays for it dearly, as Dr. Evil chokes him out with his own cape!

As Max struggles to get away, Dr. Evil keeps pulling him back, tying him up in many humiliating positions, especially when he folds the hero up and gives him an atomic wedgie right up his perky bubble butt, practically ripping his little red speedo into a million pieces!

The Doctor doesn’t even break a sweat destroying Max, racking him across his back, almost to the point where you can hear Max’s spine splitting!

The Doctor has many plans for this young and dumb hero, so he grabs his webs and wraps him up. A fly for the spider to come back and feed on when he chooses.

Will Max Ryder figure out how to get out of his disgraceful situation? I wouldn’t bet on it. I’m not sure he even realizes what’s going on!



FULL CAST LIST: Gabe Steele, Max Ryder
STUDIO: HardHeroes
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton