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Billy Herrington is a GOD! A true muscle machine who performed in a few titles for Can-Am. His very first scene was for Can-Am in "Worship."

We went back into the vault and pulled all the camera masters we had on Billy. We tasked our editor with reviewing all the footage and starting over with fresh eyes. Use all of the footage that was left on the original cutting room floor. This project has so much footage that we have to release it in two parts. This part one runs just under three hours. Full re-edits with all sorts of never before seen footage.

First up.... Billy Herrington vs Danny Lee. These are BIG boys, both of them. They start off in the gym pumping weights then moving on to the wrestling mats to test each others strength. Both are wearing shorts which disappear once the wrestling becomes more aggressive - revealing Danny in a hot jockstrap and Billy in skin tight white briefs. Ass slapping, ball grabbing, body bending suffering - you know, all the things we love to watch. During this well fought match - bodies are beautifully displayed with muscles in distress suffering. Soon the jockstrap and briefs are gone and they're down to naked muscle wrestling. These two BIG muscle bodies are stunning to watch. Dual jack-offs completes the match.

Next we have Billy Herrington vs Brian Maxon. Herrington wears yellow tights that show off his enormous legs with white boots. Maxon wears white tights with black boots. Another match with two really BIG muscle guys. We all know Maxon has a serious wrestling attitude and takes no prisoners. But he's never been matched up with the likes of someone the size and experience of Maxon. These two muscle Gods are stunning to watch as they go from move to move and hold to hold. Maxon is a beast! But, Herrington will never give up... or will he? Soon the tights are gone and these studs are down to tiny posing trunks. Herrington in orange and Maxon in lime green. Ass slapping, gear grabbing, and hold after painful hold - these two subject each other to some beautiful body displaying punishment. We end with two personal up close jack-offs,

We now move on to Billy Herrington vs Dax Kelly. Before we get to the action an interesting note to share. Billy met Dax when he worked with us on his very first project called "Worship." Dax was a PA on the set and was assigned to be Billy's go to assistant. Basically anything Billy needed Dax was his guy. Well they hit it off with each other and seeing that Dax was also a model they both asked to do this specific wrestling match..... Now on to the action..... Billy wears orange square-cuts with white boots and Dax wears blue spandex shorts. Regardless of the fact that Dax Kelly has a hot tight muscular body - he is no match for the massive Herrington. Herrington quickly has his way with Dax, tossing him around and when needed goes for the balls of Dax. Surprisingly there is a lot of back and forth which begs the question... Is Herrington toying with the cute musclestud? Herrington does love this match and goes the extra sexy mile to "play" with his opponent. Stripped out of their tight shorts reveals light blue Speedos for Herrington and a light blue bikini for Dax. Now the fun really begins as it seems the more skin Herrington sees, the more charged he gets. The Speedo and bikini disappear and now Herrington goes in for the kill. It'll be no surprise that Herrington wins and demands Dax worship every inch of this massive MuscleGod. Licking and sucking all body parts until Dax finds something to really suck on! Billy is one stunning slab of muscle and a beautiful specimen to watch get services as his body poses and flexes while being worshipped and serviced.

The final match up is one of our all time favorites. Billy Herrington vs Nick Steel from Lords of the Lockerroom. Nick Steel had one of the most impressive bubble butts there ever was. Beautifully muscled and tanned like a Greek God Nick performed in a bunch of our BG Wrestling titles. Nick was a cocky fucker who thought his skills would take him far in this match and agreed to a loser gets fucked match against Billy Herrington. Imagine that! They are both nude form the start and while Nick does manage to get in multiple holds - he ends up losing horribly. The good news is that the process to get there is beautiful to watch as Herrington makes him suffer BIGtime while putting Nick's body on show for all of us to enjoy. The match ends up with Nick servicing Billy until Billy is fully charged and goes in for the kill.... That being Nick's bubble-butt ass that Herrington plows until tomorrow.

This titles is a must for any Billy Herrington fan and an absolute MUST for anyone new to this true MuscleGOD! All of these matches were filmed when Billy was new to the scene. We were beyond fortunate to have worked with Billy before he went on to work with all the other film companies. We got the best of him!



FULL CAST LIST: Billy Herrington aka Billy Marcus, Brian Maxon, Danny Lee aka James Blond, Dax Kelly, Nick Steel
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Matt Thomas
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Cum Shots
Mat Wrestling
Muscle Worship
Nude Wrestling
Sex Wrestling


Scene 1, Billy Herrington vs Danny Lee (44:58 min)
Billy Herrington vs Danny Lee


Scene 2, Billy Herrington vs Brian Maxon (51:46 min)
Billy Herrington vs Brian Maxon


Scene 3, Billy Herrington vs Dax Kelly (39:07 min)
Billy Herrington vs Dax Kelly


Scene 4, Billy Herrington vs Nick Steel (33:14 min)
Billy Herrington vs Nick Steel